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My Services

I am well trained and capable of providing many Services, though I am not trying to be all things to all people. Indeed, it is not my wish to provide all services I have trained for. My own specialized treatments are outlined below and provided at my home studio or your premises, as appropriate. I do not normally offer mobile services, except as noted.

If you have a specific need or question, please contact me:

Combo - MAT(E)™ and Traditional

** Most Popular **

The best of both therapies.

Ulti-MAT(E)™ Massage

An Exclusive treatment consisting of MAT(E)™, "DOSE Therapy"™, and the Ultimate Traditional Table Massage.


"Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™ - MAT(E)™

My Specialty, MAT(E)™ is a (BIG) step up from traditional Therapeutic Massage.


Thorough Traditional Massage

What you expect, only better.


Sports Massage

All types. Essentially MAT(E)™.


"Chocolate Sauce"™

"All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate, Without the Calories!"™ An Exclusive treatment using proprietary, quality Scrub and Mud Wrap formulae.


Signature Spa Day

The Ultimate Package!


"DOSE Therapy"™

"'DOSE Therapy'™ will give you the Biggest Hit of Feel Good, Without the Use of Drugs"™


Herbal Compress Massage

Relaxation and Aromathrapy


Pre/Peri/Post Natal Massage

Pregnancy, Child Birth, and Beyond.


"Perform Better Jam"™ (PBJ)

A Therapist Lead, Cooperative,

Manual Therapy Jam Session.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Only to unclog the lymphatic system.


Corporate Wellness

Advanced Wellness Massage that's actually beneficial for BOTH the Worker and the Corporation!


Pressure Point Therapies

I have training and experience with Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Reflexology. I incorporate these modalities in any of my treatments as indicated, but not as separate sessions.

Cupping, Instruments, etc.

Although I have training and experience with a variety of instruments, which can sometimes be effective, I find them to be unnecessary to get results.

RAPID Neurofascial Reset

This tends to be the opposite of my MAT(E)™ modality, in that the treatments can be rather painful. In short, we attempt to overload the pain system so that it resets itself.

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