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Gift Certificates Available for ALL Sessions!

Please contact for Purchase Details.

Details and Conditions


If you want to treat your Someone Special to the UltiMAT(E)™ massage treatment, this is the way to do it. While the UltiMAT(E)™ treatment is recommended, you may purchase Gift Certificates for any of the services offered. It is entirely up to you. Payments accepted are eTransfer, Cash, or (non-Interact) Debit - the last two options must be made in person at Cold Lake Advanced Clinical Massage, so please arrange a time to do so in advance.



Sessions you plan to use a Gift Certificate with are subject to the same availability as any other session. Please book online. Leave a note in the booking that you are redeeming a Gift Certificate, and the certificate number.


What to Expect:

Please check out the Services page so that you fully understand what treatment session you have a certificate for. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to change or upgrade to a different treatment, if it is not quite what you, as the recipient, want.


Subject To:

The use of a Gift Certificate is subject to the same terms, conditions, and policies as any other booking. In particular, session changes or cancellations must be made 24 hours before the current booking time, or the Gift Certificate may be forfeited in lieu of payment.


Other Conditions:

- There is No Cash Value.

- The Certificate is Not Transferable

- Although permitted by Alberta law, I do not put an expiry date on Gift Certificates. The certificate is valid for the person it is issued to, to be redeemed for the service noted on the certificate. If I am still alive and the company is still in business 100 years from now, the certificate will still be honored if you choose to wait that long to redeem. It is recommended that the certificate be redeemed soon after it is created/received.

- Holidays are subject to a prepaid and non-refundable 40% surcharge on the current pricing, but otherwise the Gift Certificate may be used for them.



Depending on the service noted on the Gift Certificate, you may be able to upgrade to a higher value service by paying the difference at the time of service.


Bring Your Voucher, or Not:

Once the Gift Certificate has been issued, the name, serial number, and service are recorded, so it is not necessary to bring your voucher with you to your appointment. When you book, please leave a note that you are redeeming your Gift Certificate. You can safely ignore the session pricing noted in the appointment booking - the use of the Gift Certificate will take precedence.



Please contact me via email or text (contact info at the top of the page).

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