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Thorough, Traditional, Table Massage

This is (almost) the same traditional, draped, naked, oiled massage that every massage therapist learns. However, my version tends to be more thorough, because I treat slower, with more intention, and deeper (without pain), than most massage therapists. In fact, during couples massages in a spa I was at, my partner therapists would often complain that I was not keeping up with them. They wanted to do a full body (superficial) massage in an hour, while I felt that thorough was better, even though there wasn't enough time in a typical 60 minute massage to do an entire body. Also, synchronizing the massages does not take into account the different needs of each recipient. They also didn't realize that when the couples returned, as often as not, they would do so separately to see me - that tells me I'm doing something right.

So, to reflect the thoroughness of my traditional massage sessions, I only do 90-150 minute (1.5-2.5 hour) sessions. Obviously, the longer sessions will be more complete than the shorter ones.

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