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It is wonderful to be recognized.

Your personal recommendation to others is also and always greatly appreciated.

I sincerely believe that Your recommendation will benefit prospective patients, as well, since they may need and appreciate My Therapies. Thank You!

What My Patients are Saying

Shelyna Rice, 2020 November 06, via Text

[Nurse Practitioner, after a 2 hour combination MAT(E)™ and Thorough Traditional Table Massage Session.]

Thank you for the amazing massage yesterday. I slept like a baby and felt so relaxed all day. I have recommended you to our naturopath!

Dr. Ken Miller, 2020 August, via Alignable

Roger is knowledgeable and does a very comfortable treatment. I gained range of motion in my shoulders, back and hips. I felt relaxed and pain free after his treatment. I can highly recommend Roger.

Maelle Dumoulin, 2020 July 05, via Google

Roger Walker is one of the best therapists I have met. During our multiple sessions, he was able to eliminate my painful breathing (I had a twist in my ribs that were crushing my lungs) and reduce my scoliotic curve from 3.5" to 1.75" (50%) in only 2 months of treatment. I have never made such a progress with other types of treatment!

Jean Dumoulin, 2020 July 02, via Google

Roger Walker is one of the best therapists I have ever met. Because he is passionate about what he does and caring so much about people, you can trust him to help your body get rid of pain and restore its full potential and functionality.

Maelle Dumoulin, 2020 April 02, via email

I'm really sorry to hear that [YOU ARE RELOCATING TO COLD LAKE].

Thank you so much for your help with my back. You have a really strong background in healthcare and I'm really sorry that [COVID-19 CLOSED YOUR BUSINESS IN SHERWOOD PARK]. However, your kindness and knowledge really help me physically and even mentally. I will keep all your exercises and training thoughts in my life.

Thank you again for all you give me and maybe, I hope, we will see each other in the future!


Note: This is my young patient with severe scoliosis. In 2 months of treatments she was able to breathe without pain (spinal twist was crushing her lungs), and her spinal deviation (originally 3.5" from center) reduced by 50%. Most experts suggest not to expect any results because the body adapts so well to the condition. Her father, Jean Dumoulin, provided the more detailed testimonial further below.

Daphnie Jama, 2020 February 02, via email

I came to visit Roger to try out ["Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™] to deal with my chronic migraines. The first visit I scheduled same day with the hopes of kicking my migraine. I did a two hour massage part on mat part on the table. When we started the session my migraine was about 6.5/ 10 on the pain scale. We tried a few different techniques that I hadn't previously experienced in 4 years of at least monthly massage. Unfortunately many of them made no impact on my migraine; I was impressed by Roger's extensive knowledge and ability to figure out what worked. We did some work on the mat to loosen some of my joints and relax the muscles of my hips up to my neck. I managed to leave with almost no migraine pain [1.5/10] and feeling more limber and relaxed. Roger gave me a few simple stretches and told me to have something that triggered me to do them such as a TV commercial or every time my phone buzzed. Over the past bit I've been using these stretches and they've helped immensely with my shoulders and posture.

A few weeks later I returned to maintain what we had worked on previously. I did 3 hour [Ulti-MAT(E)™]. I was a bit hesitant on the idea of a 3 hour massage as even with 1 to 1.5 hour sessions with various massage therapists I had experienced muscle soreness for a few days afterwards. We did about half on the mat. Many years ago I had hip surgery, this has caused my hips to be very tight, I didn't think to tell him about this; however Roger noticed my lack of movement in my hips just from moving from side to side on the mat. He had suggested we loosen my hip flexors. Through a very gentle mat routine the range of movement in my hips increased by 75-80% compared to what we started with before the mat work. Even still a few weeks after I have almost full range of movement in my hips something I've lacked since my surgery. During this session I also tried something called ["DOSE Therapy"™]. Roger had explained all the benefits of the therapy for someone like myself with anxiety and depression. Work was particularly busy for me at the time for I figured I'd give it a try to help with my stress. I was blown away how within the 5 minutes it took to complete I felt incredibly relaxed and de-stressed. This is definitely something I would do again and again! The final table component of the massage was a full body massage. Roger does a very thorough job working on points that require a little bit of extra attention (something I've rarely experienced during other full body sessions). Best part I have not had a migraine since my last visit a few weeks ago! When I was getting them every 2/3 weeks this has been a huge improvement. Would recommend Roger to anyone who has been suffering from any ailments, his massage is incredibly different from what I've experienced in the past and I've noticed some results even immediately!

Jean Dumoulin, 2019 November 22, via email

My daughter Maelle has been diagnosed with scoliosis since she was 13 years old. This is a (supposedly) genetic disease that affects the spine. Muscles twist and curve the spine making it difficult to stand straight and in severe cases like my daughter's, people have recurring back pains and difficulty breathing at times.

She followed the standard healthcare procedure of using a cast but this did not help.

She followed a new procedure of exercising the "blocks" of the body to strengthen her back but it did not help either.

She tried various treatments (acupuncture, healers) with very little success.

Finally we met Roger Walker and his ["Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™].

I had a lot of doubts that massage therapy would help her condition, but as time went by, Roger explained that his massage therapy included ["Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™] and it turned out to be every efficient. Roger reduced the twist and curve of the spine and gave relevant exercises that eased the pain and eliminated the "short of breath" episodes.

After 6 years of various treatments, my daughter seems to have found the one treatment that helps her cope with her condition while improving it at the same time.

While everyone's case is different, I strongly recommend Roger for any muscle or joint issue that you may have. I am sure he can help

Nicole Nott, 2019 August 03, via Facebook:

Came to see Roger for a MAT massage. I was really impressed. It was similar to a [TRADITIONAL] massage but not quite. Even kept my clothes on, not like traditional massage. I had received a gift voucher from a friend. I even booked another one.

Dr. Roshni Mehrabi (Doctor of Chiropractic), 2019 April 27, via Email

I see your passion and drive and am very impressed with your skills. My hips and low back feel fantastic after your treatment! [...] I absolutely admire you as a person and practitioner. [...] you have amazing treatment methods

Ralph Walker, 2019 February 07, personal communication:

I'm 83, and the past few years I've been having problems with arthritis in my hands and feet, numbness in my toes, and chronic pain in one wrist where I have a ganglion cyst. I was so tight I couldn't bend my knees past 90 degrees. The gout hasn't helped, either. Your Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy allowed me to walk the stairs without pain, and without holding onto the rails. Your Essential Oil Mixture shrunk my cyst, restored feeling to my toes, and took away the pain!

Leslee Porayko, 2018 December, via google (date approximate):

My sore back issues are so much better today after a deep tissue massage by Roger. He is so knowledgeable about many kinds of massage therapies. I will definitely be back!

Kim Shulha, 2018 December 29, via Facebook:

I had an amazing deep tissue massage by Roger and would highly recommend it! He is very skilled and knowledgeable on various techniques which helped address chronic pain and tightness in my hips.

Kim Shulha, 2018 December 19, directly to me after her treatment:

You take Therapeutic Massage to New Heights!

Sherween Catapang, 2018 September 11, via Facebook:

Before I first saw Roger for a massage, I was having a great deal of back and shoulder pain. After he treated me, I felt so good and was able to finally get some good nights of sleep. He has more than just massage training, and was able to advise me in other health areas. I recommend that you book an appointment for a therapeutic massage with Roger. He is the best therapist I have seen.


[As this review was done by someone I knew was English as a Second Language, I asked if this was translated by someone and if I could receive the original. The original is below for comparison (verbatim].]

Hi im sherweencatapang i've done massage from roger first when I came I have back and shoulders pain after he did my massage i feel so nice and i slept so good on that night anf tha following night He is so good and he gave me some advice to what should i do specially when i will go to sleep guys please go to [...] and book for roger walker he is the best massage therapist that i have

Mena-Lee Pelkey, 2018 February 10, via Facebook:

Roger brought some mobility back to my hips with a therapeutic massage and I'll be going back for a deep tissue - I feel amazing!

Allison Lorezon, 2018 January 25, via Facebook:

So far the best place I have been to for a massage. The RMT [Roger] was amazing and knew exactly how to work on the issues I mentioned to him. [...] already booked my next massage [...]

Melissa Drama, 2018 January, via google (date approximate):

Love the massage. very professional and knowledgeable. [ROGER] knows what he is doing. will surely come back. recommend it to everyone !

How to Write a Testimonial

Thank You for this consideration. A Testimonial is valuable feedback to me that I am providing great therapy for your benefit, and helps to build trust for other patients, as well.

A Testimonial should include just a few things, though you are free to express your thoughts as you see fit. The best tend to be shorter, and very specific.

Of course, you should provide your name and mine (Roger Walker).

You should expressly give your permission for me to use your Testimonial to promote my therapies and services to others (though I will take implied permission and run with it!).

You should say something about me and/or my therapy and/or service. This can be anything that is subjective or objective – it is important that they are your words and no one else’s. You can say a little, or a lot. While I could suggest topics, it is best if they come from your heart and your personal experience.

Finally, if you can, please add your signature.

You can type it, hand write it, or even make a video :-) Email a PDF, send a link, or any way you want to do it! Just let me know.

If others know they can trust what I do because of your experience, it is a solid benefit for me, and also for those who need the help I provide.

Again, Thank You!

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