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Roger Walker, MMT MLT RMT

Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT)

Master Laser Therapist (MLT)

Laser Safety Office (LSO)

Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist (CMAT)

Certified K-Taping Therapist (CKT)

Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO)

(And More!)

Massage is the foundation for what I do, not the full extent of what I do. It is much more than chasing the pain (the symptom). Where massage deals mainly with the muscular system, Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (MAT), which I have Extended, builds on that with an approach that integrates all systems (i.e. muscles, bones, joints, fascia, nerves, and more). Then there are individual specialties I use to complement MAT(E)™. This is holistic - treating the person as a whole (not Woo Woo). When one part of the body has an issue, you can be sure it is affecting other parts - they are all connected. It is as much knowing when NOT to massage, as it is is knowing when to do so, and what technique or modality is best to use. I have made a conscious decision to only use non-invasive therapy (i.e. no Acupuncture), using modalities which have a more solid scientific basis. (Note: There are other modalities - Woo Woo - such as Cranial Sacral or Reiki, which are art, not science, which may still be valid - but I will not use them.)

Following are types of Patients I have training for and experience with.

Even if you do not fit into one of these categories (since everyone is unique)

you are likely still a good candidate for my therapies.

Young or Mature

I help people of all ages, from newborn to the elderly. The elderly love extra mobility.

Male or Female

Your gender does not matter. I am a professional and give due respect to all patients.

Pre-Peri-Post Natal

Women who are pregnant (at any stage), about to give birth, or are recovering from child birth, also deserve respectful attention for their issues.

Athlete or Oil Patch Worker

Those into sports or heavy physical work can be more susceptible to injury and require healing therapies. I had Junior A Hockey Players as patients.

Nutrition and Dieting

Ask me how I lost 40 lbs in 10 weeks (and 24 lbs in 6 weeks) with little effort.


Ask me how I replaced 25 lbs of fat with 25 lbs of muscle, using only 5 exercises.

Need to Talk?

I listen. What we talk about in the treatment room, stays in the treatment room. It is completely confidential - Period.

Veterans Affairs


I am a member of the MTAA (Massage Therapist Association of Alberta), so my receipts can be honored.

Student or Office Worker

These patients are often afflicted with common ailments associated with their posture. There's a treatment for that!

Acute or Chronic Pain

I successfully treat these issues with "Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™.

Pain Sensitive to Touch

This is often an issue with nerve damage. I successfully treated several such patients, with minimal or no pain whatsoever.

Incurable Issues?

Many issues are not directly treatable. However, Movement and Mindfulness are key ingredients in management and relief from symptoms. Feel Better.

Motor Vehicle Accident

With any MVA, see your doctor immediately! You will probably qualify for certain massage therapy coverage paid for by vehicle insurance companies, even if your injury is not severe. You may have to ask for it, and you can see the therapist you wish to see.


Usually the result of an MVA, Whiplash can be treated by manual therapies. (Only the most severe grade of Whiplash cannot be.)


Sprains and Strains are the most commonly treated injuries. However, nearly any type of Injury can be treated with my therapies.

Stressed Out?

Massage basics are a good place to start, maybe with some added twists.

Exclusive Spa Treatments

I have several exclusive spa treatments just right for any occasion, or no occasion at all! I love the variety that comes with providing both clinical and spa services.

I cannot fix you, but as a Team, You and I can Facilitate Your Healing.

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