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"DOSE Therapy"™

"'DOSE Therapy'™ Will Give You the Biggest Hit of Feel Good, Without the Use of Drugs!"™

"DOSE Therapy"™ is a modality that I created based on a pain relief technique I learned for women in labor. I developed this for a fellow massage therapist who was constantly feeling physically, spiritually, and mentally stressed and in pain. FOR WOMEN 18+ ONLY!

DOSE is an acronym for Dopamine (increases our ability to feel pleasure), Oxytocin (increases our ability and desire to bond with others), Serotonin (contributes to feelings of well-being and happiness, and aids relaxation), and Endorphin (reduces pain; increases pleasure) - neuro-chemicals which this modality can release in large quantities.

The key to the treatment is Attitude - being open to the treatment and the feelings you will experience. As an example, when I did a very abbreviated treatment for another co-worker (without informing her what she should expect), she didn't understand what was happening, and her attitude shut down the experience. However, when I did a simple, yet incomplete treatment for the aforementioned massage therapist (who was sitting, slouched, on a treatment table), to whom I first gave the particulars, her posture straightened up, she got bug-eyed, and she got a very big smile. This is not a placebo effect, but it very much depends on Attitude.

This treatment is only offered to women (18 years old minimum). Their psyche can better handle the feelings that are brought forth in the presence of a male therapist, and separate those feelings from him. A male's psyche cannot handle such feelings as well in the presence of another male, and will shut down the release of these neuro-chemicals, resulting in a failure of the treatment.

NOTE: The treatment is received standing up, partially clothed. The first 60% of the treatment is performed is performed on the body's side and back lines. The remaining 40% of the treatment is performed on the body's front lines, and because the techniques pass close to or over the breasts, explicit permission must be given to do so - clothing provides barrier for the nipples. In keeping with Massage Therapist Association Alberta requirements, explicit permission and a barrier are legal requirements for the front lines; clothing (bra and panties - see below) is a requirement for this treatment, because draping is not practical. You can stop the treatment at any point should you feel uncomfortable or feel that you may "over-DOSE."

This treatment is non-sexual. Regardless of the part of the body being touched, the exact same technique, pressure, and speed are used. The routine is highly formalized to ensure it is non-sexual. It starts with the least sensitive body lines and ends with the most sensitive body lines. If you are apprehensive about the treatment, it can be given fully clothed, but will NOT be as effective as skin to skin contact.

Recommended clothing are a Lycra or Spandex style sports bra with no seams, and thong style panties. Bras and panties should NOT be frilly or loose fitting, and if not thong style, the panties should have elastic at the legs and waist/hips. The reasoning is to reduce the possibility of the material catching my hands as I pass over them.

This treatment may be offered or requested as part of a Combo session of at least 2 hours, or UltiMAT(E)™ session, and will only be given at my discretion.

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