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Herbal Compress Massage

This is also known as Thai Stem Massage or Thai Herbal Massage. The Compress is filled with a variety of herbs, some of which have aromatherapy and medicinal properties. The Compress (herbs wrapped in linen) is heated in a steamer. The Compress use is interleaved with regular massage techniques, by tapping, pressing, and rolling onto the body. It is combined with Relaxation Massage techniques. Those massage techniques are used while the Compress is being reheated/restreamed.

The ingredients are said to induce deep relaxation, boost emotional and physical well-being, and stimulate various body systems and internal organs. While the process will certainly do this, I have not seen scientific evidence that the Compress ingredients will do so. However, it is certainly a worthwhile addition to relaxation therapy, just for the aromatherapy aspects.

The compress may be reused (for the same person only, please) several times, so you are free to take it with you after your treatment, if you wish.

Be sure to enquire, as I need to have the compresses on hand for your session, and may need to order some. They have been in short supply since early 2000!

Herbal Compress Massage may be added to any session that includes Thorough, Traditional Table Massage, for $40.

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