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Roger's Ulti-MAT(E)™ 3-4 Hour Massage

All Ladies need a self-indulgent Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Women's Day, or even ME Day treatment, but you don't need to wait for a special occasion! This is it! Not only will you feel pampered - you will also get those hurtin' areas clinically addressed in the process. (Even Men enjoy and benefit from a longer treatment!)

Since I used to practice out of a Spa, it would make sense that I should offer some exclusive treatments that you might expect at such a location. The Ulti-MAT(E)™ 3-4 Hour Massage is one of them, and it is based on Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)™ - MAT(E)™ and a Thorough Traditional Table Massage, with optional "DOSE Therapy"™ for the ladies..

Have a look at any spa's menu, and you will rarely see a massage session that lasts for even 2 hours. Most spas will only have sessions lasting up to 90 minutes. That is because most massage therapists do not have the stamina to do lengthy massages, or their treatments are so superficial that they would finish well before the end of the session! Because I tend to be very thorough, I am barely getting warmed up at the 90 minute mark! Why not make your massage session a truly beneficial, as well as indulgent, Spa experience?

Start with MAT(E)™, on the mat, clothed - wear clothes you can move in and be moved in. This will ensure your body is well loosened up and ready to receive the Thorough Traditional Table Massage.

Optionally, include my "DOSE Therapy"™ next. "'DOSE Therapy'™ Will Give You the Biggest Hit of Feel Good, Without the Use of Drugs!"™ This will release large quantities of Dopamine (pleasure), Oxytocin (love/bonding), Serotonin (well-being/happiness), and Endorphin (pain reduction; pleasure increase) neuro-chemicals in the brain. If you think you may over-DOSE, you can end this treatment at any point!

Finish with a Slow, Thorough, Deep (not painful), Full Body, traditional table massage, with focus on any areas you please.

I am certain that you have never experienced a massage treatment like this, ever! (And 100% qualifies for massage insurance coverage.)

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