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Please Read - Details and Conditions


Because MAT(E)™ is a new and unique Massage Modality, very few people are familiar with it. The techniques used are characteristically Slow, Gentle, Intentional, and Pain-Free, making it a Safe, Gentle, and Effective Complement or Alternative to Chiro, Physio, Massage, and other Manual Therapies. This is your opportunity to try it with absolutely NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. Please explore this website to learn more about me and my Advanced Massage Therapy treatments.


A Limited Number of Complimentary Vouchers are randomly available through Spark'd Connections contests, and through certain Health Partners. When booking, you MUST provide the voucher serial number, or you will be responsible for paying for the otherwise complimentary portion of the session.

What to Expect:

The treatment is normally given on a Mat on the floor, or a low table. You will keep your clothes on - please wear loose clothing. Where traditional massage is mostly Push, MAT(E)™ is a more balanced use of Compression, Passive Movement, and certain compatible techniques that follow the same philosophy as Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. As this is only a 30 minute sample of a holistic (i.e. whole person) treatment, do not expect to be cured of everything that ails you during that short time (though it has happened). This is intended for you to get a feel for the treatment and understand what it does and how it works.

Exclusive One-Time Use:

All Complimentary Vouchers are for exclusive one-time use, only. Each voucher has a unique serial number that is matched to your name. The expiry date is the date by which you must book your session, which may be booked up to 14 days past the voucher's expiry date - If you are unable to book on time, you will not receive another voucher; the same if you fail to show up for your appointment. Bookings made for complimentary treatments after the expiry date, or for times beyond 14 days of the expiry date, will be cancelled.

Other Conditions:

- Vouchers Have No Cash Value

- One Voucher Per Person - Except for Spark'd Connections contests

- Not Transferable

- New (First Time) Patients Only - Except for Spark'd Connections contests


While there is no obligation beyond showing up for your complimentary treatment, you may wish to upgrade. Book your session for the full length that you want (up to 4 hours) - the first 30 minutes will be at no cost; each additional 30 minute extension will be charged at $55 each (plus GST), which is a considerable savings - you can safely ignore the pricing indicated within the booking system. (I have had many patients ask for the upgrade during the complimentary treatment, but by then it may be too late, as someone else may be scheduled immediately after you. Please book accordingly.) Note that direct billing is available, and receipts are available for insurance or tax purposes, otherwise. The 2 hour session is the most popular, and can include table massage time. 90 minutes is the minimum session to include table time.

Bring Your Voucher, or Not:

Once the Complimentary Voucher has been issued, the name, serial number, and expiry date are recorded, so it is not necessary to bring your voucher with you to your appointment. You can safely ignore the session pricing noted in the appointment booking - the use of the voucher will take precedence.


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