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Roger Speaks

Or types, anyway :-)

If you have information that my patients might find interesting, or if you have questions that I might be able to answer here, I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thank You!

Thank You

for Trusting Me

with your Therapy.

You are my Patient and my Priority.

I will do my Best to

Earn your Trust and Loyalty

by providing the Highest Quality

Therapy and Advice possible,

given my Constant Education,

Experience, Consultations,

and Your Feedback.

My hope is that you will have

a Positive Healing Experience

that will Earn

your Rebooking, your Referral,

and even your Testimonial.

(This will remain first item at all times.)

Scope of Practice

2018 June 30

"Knowledge is in everyone's scope of practice" - Erik Dalton, 2018 June 30

There is a lot of discussion amongst (massage and other) therapists about getting extra training but not being able to use it because it is "out of scope." This basically means that we are not allowed to practice something that is not considered within our area of practice. This tends to limit what therapists are willing to do for additional training.

I do not practice anything that I do not have some level of training in. Some of it is general, and some of it is specific. I find that the more I know, the better treatments I can provide. I will never stop learning.

Erik Dalton is head of the Freedom from Pain Institute, which offers the Myoskeltel Alignment Therapy training that I trained in. It is a certified program that includes hands-on workshops. I am Canada's first Master Myoskeltel Therapist (MMT).

$#*T Therapists Say

2018 May 15

As a former Massage Therapist once remarked - "This career attracts the fringe." You can probably find a Massage Therapist who also does horoscopes and reads tea leaves. The meaning of Holistic has been stretched to encompass many areas of "therapy" that some consider questionable, and which have no scientific evidence to back up their claims. That is not to say these alternative therapies do not work (even if it is only through the power of suggestion). Bearing that in mind, please enjoy the following:

Sh*t Massage Therapists Say

Good Takes Time

2018 May 06

Nowhere is this more true than with healing. Sometimes relief, to some extent, can be instant, though often temporary. It takes time for true healing. Your conditions may have developed over a period of years, and takes both treatment (on my part) and homework (on your part) to overcome. This is why we have to be a team for your health.

What are you known for?

2018 April 27

Recently, while reading some fitness material, I came across a story that I found to be inspirational, because the gist of it seemed to apply to many situations, particularly with a friend I am in the midst of helping. I sum it up this way:

Be known for your Resilience, not your Limitations.

Thinking about a Detox/Cleanse? Don't waste your money.

2018 April 06

CBC's Marketplace once ran a documentary on Detoxes and Cleanses - They don't work. Measurements of toxins in the body were taken before and after, and were found to be the same. Why is that?

It's because the body eliminates toxins all on it's own. This is mostly done by the liver and kidneys (and even the intestines), but other organs help, too.

Yes, some people claim they feel better after doing one, but that is most likely due to eating cleaner foods at the time.

The key to removing toxins from the body is to not allow them in, in the first place. This way, your detoxing organs won't be overloaded and can easily remove what is to be expected from normal body function (i.e. dying cells).

So, if you want to detox/cleanse, simply eat cleaner!

Discipline & Character

2018 March 27

Discipline means doing the right thing, even when you don't feel like it.

Character means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching you.

Have Character - Don't Be One...

Fitness Goals

2018 March 30

Are you having difficulty with your fitness goals?

Do you know you should be doing something, but nothing seems right?


“The Fitness Instinct”

by Peg Jordan

Published by Rodale

The Luckiest Patient

2018 March 29

The luckiest people tend to be the hardest workers.

The most successful and fastest healing patients tend to be those who do their homework.

Be a Lucky Patient.

We have a new organ!

2018 March 28

The Interstitium is the body's largest organ. The Fascia, which gives the organs and body their shape, is part of the Interstitium, and is what I've otherwise (until now) known to be the body's largest organ. In fact, I know of at least one researcher who has given different names to the Interstitium, which he has been working with for over a decade. Briefly, the Interstitium is everywhere and interconnects everything, and it may hold the key to the success of various known and yet-to-be-known treatments.

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