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RAPID NeuroFascial Reset

RAPID NFR is another Pain Management Modality.

The main treatment objective is to overload the already overstimulated nervous system, to reset it. This would be similar to resetting your computer - attempting to start from scratch, except that to do so, you have to increasing the processing until it blows up (for a computer) or to increase the pain until it blows up (for the person).

These and other techniques address the chronic aspects of inflammation from prior injuries that did not heal properly. The end result is that pain is reduced or eliminated, mobility is may be increased, and a cascade of inflammation and increased blood flow may start the healing process.

Where MAT(E)™ treatments are intended to be as Pain-Free as possible, RAPID treatments are described by the modality's creator as "unpleasant." In my experience, having received these treatments in training, they range from "unpleaseant" to "outright painful!" If you ascribe to the "No Pain, No Gain" mantra, you will love it. Treatments tend to be short and can be effective. You will very likely experience some Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) within a couple days. (The modality's creator also commented to me that RAPID doesn't actually heal anything - it only resets the pain system, which may allow healing unhindered by the pain system.)

At this time I will only be offering RAPID treatments at the end of other treatments. This may sound counter-intuitive, but "babying" after the fact actually lessens the effect of the RAPID treatment, so it should be done last.

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