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My Philosophies

Roger Walker - I am a

Master Myoskeletal Therapist

Certified Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist

Certified K-Taping Therapist

Registered Massage Therapist

(And More!)




Why "Dragonfly?"

Traditionally, The Dragonfly has the Heart of a Dragon, with Maturity and Depth of Character. It Discerns what others do not. It can Move with Power and Poise. It is full of Self-Discovery and can Remove All Doubts. I aim to fulfill those qualities.

I am (Dun Dun Dun...) The Dragonfly!

Why "Holistic?"

Holistic means that what I do is characterized by the treatment of the whole person, rather than the parts in isolation. Please note that my treatments are well researched and documented (evidence based), are non-invasive, and do not involve anything esoteric or questionable, that have no scientific basis (i.e. "Woo Woo"). I generally prefer to use no additional tools, with the possible exception of some wooden tools for Pressure Point work. This is Science, not Art.







Why "Therapy?"

In this case, since Therapy can mean any type of treatment of issues, conditions, or disorders, I use a more restrictive definition that does not include pharmaceutical, surgical, psychiatric, or esoteric types of treatments. I provide a variety of Manual Therapies and advice according to my Learning, Experience, Training, and Certifications.

"Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way!"

As it applies to my Therapy Services, it means that I will Take the Lead, and Follow Your Desires and Expectations in effecting appropriate results for you, and I will Not Interfere with other treatments you may be undergoing.

"Get it Done - Do it Well"

As it applies to my Therapy Services, it means that Your Health is my objective, and I will use the Best Techniques and provide the Best Advice I know, to help you to Improve Your Health and Reach Your Goals in a timely fashion.

First Person Versus Third Person

I do not want to beat about the bush. This website is essentially about ME, and what I can do for YOU. I have no need to refer to myself as if I am someone else. I make no apologies for being honest about who I am or what I do.


I believe we are here to develop relationships and to help others. Although I have approached all of my careers in the same way, nothing yet compares to (if you will pardon the pun) the "hands on" approach afforded by Manual Therapy.

Success Driven

I am Success Driven. This means that I live for Success. Success encourages me to continue to do well, and to try to do even better. I have had careers where success was measured in periodic (i.e. six month) milestones on multi-year projects, and where I never knew if I was successful on a day to day basis, and only occasionally at the end of a project! Manual Therapy allows me to experience success multiple times each day. When a patient tells me "That was FABULOUS!" or "I feel So Much BETTER!" it strokes my ego and makes me want to do even better for them. What a wonderful feeling! Each session I do helps someone - that is Success!

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