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Cold Lake Advanced

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This is a solo practitioner clinic

Direct billing is available

Seniors (60+) and Serving Military 20% Discount - Details Here

I am Roger Walker MMT RMT. I generally provide only a few types of treatments, though they can accommodate all types of issues (Pain, Posture, Mobility, Injury, Pre/Post-Natal, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Performance, Corporate Wellness, and much more).


RESULTS - I believe this should be the only real consideration. I tend to get many difficult cases, and still have successful outcomes. My modalities are very effective. As Canada's first Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT), I can treat anything a chiro, physio, or any other manual therapist can - just differently, possibly gentler and safer.

TOP DOG - In a class of nearly 100, where 50% failed even though they were thoroughly vetted in an intake interview, and the minimum to pass was only 70%, I was Top Student with a raw average of >99.25%, while in the midst of the most stressful time of my life. There are many other classes, and many other top students, though I am confident in saying it is unlikely you will find one with a higher score.

SKILL STACKING - If you can't be top dog, you can try to be close by stacking your skills. That is, you get training in more than just the basics. This is actually supposed to be built into the career, with our associations requiring 10 Continuing Education credits per year. I am likely Top Dog here, also, as I have some 400 CE credits (about 40 year's worth), in just 3 years. I also have a Graduate Degree in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. (Unfortunately, I cannot carry them forward each year, so I still have to take more training each year.) Most therapists scramble just to take the bare minimum.

SELF TEACHING/LEARNING - It's one thing to learn from others in formal settings. It's something completely different to have the discipline to teach yourself new skills. I have probably done almost as much self-teaching/learning as I have formal training, greatly expanding my exposure to various modalities.

CREATING SOMETHING NEW - It is a great thing to learn new skills and put them to use. I believe it is the pinnacle to take those skills, add experience, do your own research, and finally, create something completely new and useful. I have done this to create not just one, but TWO new modalities. I'm not speaking of a mish-mash of everything I learned, or trademarking a name for a commonly known technique - my modalities are completely new approaches to treatment, looking for very specific outcomes.

HOW BIG IS YOUR TOOLBOX? - I know of many therapists who brag about how big their toolboxes are. I take the opposite approach and find ways to pare down the tools that I need. In fact, I only use the same basic techniques taught in traditional table massage everywhere - I just use them for specific purposes. The fewest tools with the broadest reach - the 80/20 Rule in action.

EVERYONE LOVES ME! - Actually, it's probably impossible to please everyone. However, some of my patients include Fighter Pilots, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Other Massage Therapists, Owners and Managers of Spas and Clinics (and their Families), Teachers, Professional Athletes, etc, etc. A complete spectrum across all genders, all ages, all backgrounds.

Welcome to Cold Lake Advanced Clinical Massage (.com). This is a sole practitioner clinic.

I have direct billing available.

I am Roger Walker MMT RMT (and some other alphabet soup I don’t worry about). I generally provide three types of treatments, though if you look around, you might find my Corporate Wellness Massage and some spa stuff, plus some additional modalities I might throw into the mix, on occasion.

Let’s cut to the chase: IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR RESULTS, THIS IS THE PLACE, whether it is an issue of pain, posture, mobility, injury, stress, work/sport performance, recovery, corporate wellness, management of many specific illnesses and conditions, and so much more. I can treat anything a chiro or physio can, probably gentler and safer, and maybe more effectively, which can sometimes save you from surgery, drugs, or invasive treatments. I only use non-invasive, evidence based modalities - substance, not fluff. My treatments are an investment in your ongoing health, which pays dividends in all areas of your life, not an expense. I treat holistically (whole person) rather than with focus, as I get better results that way.

At one extreme is my “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™, also called MAT(E)™. It uses techniques that are characteristically Slow, Gentle, Intentional, and Pain-Free, to affect the Autonomic Nervous System to stop unnecessarily protecting (tightening muscles) so that healing can take place. Treatments are done on a mat (or low table) with your clothes on.

At the other extreme is RAPID NeuroFascial Reset. The modality’s creator describes the treatments as “uncomfortable,” but after undergoing many treatments in training, I would suggest it is between “uncomfortable” and “painful,” depending on the technique or purpose - your mileage may vary. The good news is that the results tend to come quickly. At the moment, I will be offering this during my other treatment sessions, if indicated and you actually want this. This is also done with the clothes on.

In between is my Thorough Traditional Table Massage. This is pretty much the same table massage you can get anywhere, except that my sessions tend to be much more thorough. While most massage therapists breeze through a full body massage in 60 minutes, I would probably need 3 hours. These sessions start at 90 minutes - anything less and I am just getting warmed up.

I also do combo (mat and traditional) sessions (starting at 2 hours), which are very popular, and recommended. Most patients start at 90 minutes or 2 hours, and often book longer sessions the next time. They are onto something!

As I type this, my most recent patient was a medical doctor who was previously getting monthly treatments for the same old bothersome issues, without any improvement. This meant they were only treating her symptoms. With me, she now knows that I will be treating her to reduce and eliminate the real causes of those symptoms.

How effective are my treatments? A young scoliosis patient whose spinal curve was 3.5” from center (severe!) reduced it by 50% in 2 months (5-6 treatments) - Any improvement is unheard of because the body adapts so well to the condition. A woman who was suffering 6.5/10 pain in the midst of a weekly migraine reduced it to 1.5/10 during the session - Recurrences are few and far between, and at a much lower intensity. Whether it’s sprains, strains, or automobile (accidents), I can help!

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