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Specialist - NOT a Commodity Service Provider

In this field, most therapists provide a COMMODITY service. That is, a Massage Therapist is a Massage Therapist is a Massage Therapist. It simply means that we all have, essentially, the same basic training and provide the same basic services. Many therapists will try to set themselves apart by offering a whole smorgasbord of services, including pressure point, taping, instruments, as well as energy work (i.e. Reiki), and even such things as reading palms, tea leaves, and horoscopes(!). (I find that most of these additional modalities are not really useful, as I can get the same or better results without them.) Though some therapists can be very good at what they do with a commodity service, their only real way to "compete" is through price, just as with any other commodity. If you are shopping for the best price, you will not find it here, as I provide value services, not commodity services.

Generally, one provides a SPECIALIST service by specializing in TYPES of patient issues. For example, some therapists specialize in sports, prenatal, motor vehicle accident, cancer patients, etc., and these are usually called a niche. My specialty, although it actually includes all the others (by definition), is the Autonomic Nervous System. The ANS hooks into all parts of the body. Normally, it simply reacts (to protect, which it does very well). When it comes to healing, however, the ANS actually interferes. And that goes for every type of issue you may have, whether pain, injury healing, prenatal, lymphatic drainage, sports, posture, mobility, and much more. When we can properly influence the ANS, the proper signals are sent to various parts of the body so that those parts align properly, and then function properly, reducing or eliminating pain in the process.

Almost everyone has posture issues, which are compensations. These are usually very easy to fix, in a short period of time, if you are willing to do your part. Once they are fixed, they are easy to maintain, and they free up more resources for your body to use elsewhere.

So, my Specialty, positively influencing the ANS, allows me to get excellent results with ALL types of patients. It also allows me to treat anything a chiro, physio, or any other manual therapist can - likely gentler and safer.

(But if you are getting good results with someone, I always recommend you continue with them, even if you want to get further treatment with me.)

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