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I only offer this service at YOUR premises.

Contact me directly for Group Parties - You will have to host, and you must prepay at the time of booking.

Roger's Exclusive "Chocolate Sauce"™ Scrub & Mud Wrap Spa Treatment

"All the Benefits of Dark Chocolate, Without the Calories!"™ ​

All Ladies need a self-indulgent Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Grandmother's Day, Women's Day, or even just a "ME" Day treatment. This is it! Not only will you feel pampered, you will also feel downright Decadent!

This is a proprietary Scrub and Mud Wrap Treatment that uses very high quality (i.e. costly!) ingredients in special recipes for both the scrub material and "Chocolate Sauce"™ mud. This service can be provided on an individual basis, or in a party setting (like a "Tupperware Party") with someone hosting at their location, for a group - Think Bridal Party, Ladies Day Out, Etc.

For an individual, this treatment takes from 1.5 to 2.0 hours (90-120 minutes), depending on how long you choose to remain in the wrap. The 24k gold scrub requires 20-30 minutes extra time, wrapped in the scrub. I have undergone this treatment, myself, as part of my training, as have two of my daughters, and I can report that my skin was very smooth afterwards, and I smelled like chocolate for days :-)

For a group, I can interleave the Scrub and Wrap for three people in 2 hours, which means the showers and time-in-wrap are also interleaved. Time for a group is 45 minutes per person, plus the 30-60 minutes time in the wrap for the last person treated, as well as time for that person's final shower. Possibly additional time for 24k gold scrub.

I do NOT use a mummy wrap (which can be claustrophobic) - my wrapping allows movement. I will only perform this service with access to a shower, as the alternative is wiping you down with a couple dozen wet facecloths - AWKWARD!

NOTE: This service is NOT draped. Required clothing are panties, preferably the string or thong type, to keep ingredients from nether regions, yet expose more skin for treatment. A bra is suggested, but optional - only exposed skin is treated (except the underside of feet, hair, and, usually, the face) - Yes, I am a Health Care Services Professional and this treatment is NOT sexual. It is very possible that the "Chocolate Sauce"™ Mud will stain clothing (i.e. panties, bra, bikini). Although I could offer "one size fits most" disposable thong panties and bras, these are black but not entirely opaque, so I require you to supply your own, instead. Clean and dry panties (and bra) are recommended for after the treatment, as anything you wear during the treatment may be stained, and the showers will leave them wet.

* This is considered a spa treatment (not a massage therapy treatment) and does not qualify for massage insurance coverage, so no receipt can be issued for such. *

$50 extra for 24k gold scrub.

PRICING for Group Parties is the same rate per Individual, minimum 6 Participants. PLEASE CONTACT ME DIRECTLY TO DISCUSS The host must pay for the service in advance, at the time of booking.  Enough time must be allowed to obtain ingredients required, so as much lead time as possible is required. Also, I can make myself available any day of the week for a Group Party, if it will fit in my schedule. Time required depends on location (travel time). In addition to travel time, allow 60 minutes for setup and take down, and 45 minutes per person, minimum. An additional 40-70 minutes may be required for the last person treated, plus their last shower.

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