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Sports Massage

You can think of Sports Massage as several special types of Therapeutic Massage. I use "Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)"™ techniques because they are more effective than traditional massage, though traditional massage could be incorporated in longer sessions (i.e. at least 90 minutes). The 2 hour Combo session is recommended.

There are several types of Sports Massage:

  • MAINTENANCE - Enhances recovery from exertion, and helps the athlete maintain optimal health.
  • REMEDIAL/REHABILITATION - This is used to improve a debilitating condition or heal a sports related injury.
  • PRE-EVENT - This prepares an athlete for an event and is intended to wake the muscles up, not to relax them, and helps the athlete to mentally prepare for the event. It can be done at the therapist's location, but is usually done at the event site.
  • INTER-EVENT - Some sports activities, including track and field events and those divided into periods (i.e. hockey or football), require an athlete to compete at various times. This massage is used to help an athlete recover from one performance while preparing for the next. This must be done at the event's location.
  • POST-EVENT - This is used to provide immediate recovery from issues arising from the competition, and may include first aid or referral to other health care professionals. This must be done at the event's location.
Essentially, I treat all sessions the same way, holistically, though with a certain amount of focus for specific issues. As such, I tend to view each session the same way, no matter what the issue is or the type of outcome desired. MAT(E)™ works very well for this.
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