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708 Beach Avenue

Cold Lake, AB  T9M 1G5

Contact (I may be with a Patient!)

780-232-4003 (text, please)

Open Every Day of the Year!

Mon-Fri: 1200-2000
Sat-Sun: 1200-1700


The ULTIMATE Gift, for the ULTIMATE Lady (Or Gentleman)?


The  4 hour Ulti-MAT(E)™ Massage, of course!

For the month of July, Dominion Day month (Canada's Birthday), Gift Certificates for the 4 hour Ulti-MAT(E)™ Massage are on sale for $400 (including GST). This is a discount of nearly $100. And, there is no expiry date! Purchase during the sale and use them anytime!

This business loses money (Gasp!). It has more to do with high expenses than with low revenue, though. So why do I keep it going? Because I can!


This business (Cold Lake Advanced Clinical Massage) is one of several I own as part of my company (ROSCO Associates). If it was just about the money, I would either ramp it up or shut it down.


However, I love what I do and I do what I love - and I'm very good at what I do! (Patients that stick with me find their pain and issues are reduced or even eliminated as quickly as possible. They heal much faster.)


I love that I can make a difference in people's lives. I can't help someone who doesn't want my help, but for those that do, my self-developed "massage" therapies ("Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)™" - aka MAT(E)™, and "DOSE Therapy"™), and other modalities (Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy, Red Light LED/Laser Therapy, and soon, Ultrasound for Body Composition Measurement) are probably the best - and best value - available. I can treat any issue that a physio, chiro, or any other manual therapist can, possibly more gently, more safely, and more effectively.


So, why am I not flooded with bookings? Likely, it's because potential patients often confuse me with commodity massage services. That is, they are looking for the best price, rather than the best outcome or value. This isn't to say that there aren't good commodity massage therapists - this is why I say that if you get good results with your current therapist, and have a good relationship with them, why change? I know there are several good commodity therapists in the area, and some have come to me for their treatment.


My service is the best in relaxation and manual healing therapies (and more!), offering sessions up to 4 hours in length. Although I could offer my services for free or for a very deep discount, I find that most people assess value according to cost - If there is no or low cost, there is no or low value. So, I value my services fairly and charge accordingly.


Because I am not inundated with bookings, this approach allows me to have a great life balance. I am open every day of the year, and even do my best to accommodate same day, holiday, before hours, and after hours requests. Despite my accommodations for my patients, I also have lots of time to pursue personal interests, including time with family and friends, long distance (recumbent) triking, kayaking, volunteering, kettlebell workouts, reading, and dancing - I can even relax at my lake side home, where my treatment room and its picture window that overlooks the lake, are located.


Looking to make a booking? I recommend what over 95% of my patients select on their own - a 2 hour Combo session. This starts with about an hour on a mat, in loose clothing, where we relax the nervous system through gentle, pain free movement, and where I treat while assessing. This is followed by a more thorough "traditional" massage on the table, which you are now more fully open to. This is great synergy!



Although Cold Lake Advanced Clinical Massage is open EVERY day of the year, specific Holidays are observed. If you wish to book for one of the Clinic Holidays (slightly different from Civic Holidays), you will be asked to pay the non-refundable fee in advance, usually by eTransfer - I will contact you after you make your booking to do so. Although most workers receive Time and a Half (150% of regular pay), and many receive Double Time (200% of regular pay for Holidays, my fees for Holidays are lower, at 140% of regular fees. While I do like my Holiday time, too, I also do my best to accommodate my patients, where possible. You can view the Clinic's Holiday List here.

"I Help Your

Body, Spirit, and Soul


Feel, Heal, and Perform Better"™

Mine is a Holistic Approach

to Dealing with

Pain, Posture, and Performance.

Welcome to

Cold Lake Advanced

Clinical Massage (.com)

This is a solo practitioner clinic

I am Roger Walker MMT MLT RMT. I generally provide only a few types of treatments, though they can accommodate all types of issues (Pain, Posture, Mobility, Injury, Pre/Post-Natal, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Nerve Issues, Performance, Corporate Wellness, and much more). I no longer do treatments with instruments (Cupping, IASTM, Hot Stone, etc.) because with my modalities, they are not needed.




1) RESULTS - I believe this should be the only real consideration. I tend to get many difficult cases, and still have successful outcomes. My modalities are very effective. As Canada's first Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT), I can treat anything a chiro, physio, or any other manual therapist can - just differently, possibly gentler and safer. I have never had a session without immediate results (though not always what the patient expects, as the body decides what heals first, and how much).


2) TOP DOG - In a class of nearly 50, where 50% failed even though they were thoroughly vetted in an intake interview, and the minimum to pass was only 70%, I was Top Student with a raw average of >99.25% in Practical and Theory, while in the midst of the most stressful time of my life. There are many other classes, and many other top students, though I am confident in saying it is unlikely you will find one with a higher average score.


3) SKILL STACKING - If you can't be Top Dog, you can try to be close by stacking your skills. That is, you get training in more than just the basics. This is actually supposed to be built into the career, with our associations requiring 10 Continuing Education credits per year. I am likely Top Dog here, also, as I have some 400 CE credits of training (about 40 year's worth), in my first 4 years. Plus, I have a Graduate Degree in Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy. (Since I cannot carry all my credits forward each year, I still have to take more and more training!) Most therapists scramble just to take the bare minimum of training on time.


4) SELF TEACHING/LEARNING - It's one thing to learn from others in formal settings. It's something completely different to have the discipline to teach yourself new skills. I have probably done almost as much self-teaching/learning as I have formal training, greatly expanding my exposure to various modalities.


5) CREATING SOMETHING NEW - It is a great thing to learn new skills and put them to use. I believe it is the pinnacle to take those skills, add experience, do your own research, and finally, create something completely new and useful. I have done just that to create not just one, but TWO new modalities. I'm not speaking of a mish-mash of everything I learned, or trademarking a name for a commonly known technique - my modalities are completely new approaches to treatment, looking for very specific outcomes. (This is also something I have done in previous careers.)


6) HOW BIG IS YOUR TOOLBOX? - I know of many therapists who brag about how big their toolboxes are. I take the opposite approach and find ways to pare down the tools that I need. In fact, I only use the same basic techniques taught in traditional table massage everywhere - I just use them a bit differently, for specific outcomes. The fewest tools with the broadest reach - the 80/20 Rule in action...


7) EVERYONE LOVES ME! - Actually, it's probably impossible to please everyone. However, some of my patients include Fighter Pilots and other Military, RCMP, Medical Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Other Massage Therapists, Owners and Managers of Spas and Clinics (and their Families), Teachers, Junior 'A' Hockey Players, other Professional Athletes, Power Lifters, Weight Lifters, hard working Manual Laborers, etc. - a complete spectrum across all genders, all ages, and all backgrounds.


8) PASSION - This is one that my patients keep commenting on. I do what I love and I love what I do. As my personal mission includes building relationships and helping others, this comes through in what I do. (Several patients told me I have a soothing voice - really? (Blush!))


9) OPEN EVERY DAY - I am literally open every day of the year! You must note that there is a surcharge for Holidays, and I will do my best to accommodate you, even before/after hours, if I can do so.


10) HOLISTIC TREATMENT - This is "Whole Person," not woo-woo. This treatment is more effective because injury, issues, and conditions affect the whole body, even if you only hurt in one place.


11) LONGER SESSIONS - You might be able to find up to 2 hours elsewhere, as most therapists have neither the stamina nor enough creativity to do so (their words). However, I'm certain you will not find up to 4 hour sessions, as I give. A 60 minute full body session is very superficial. Good work takes time. Invest in yourself.


12) LONGER LASTING RESULTS - Most people find that a commodity massage helps them to feel good for an hour or two after. My patients report feeling good and seeing improvements for 1-2 days to 1-2 weeks after their first  2 hour MAT(E)™ session, as well as fuller healing of injuries and issues with regular sessions.


13) COMBINED TREATMENT/ASSESSMENT - My massage association wants me to perform a separate assessment using the same diagnostics as doctors, physios, and chiros use. However, this is very time consuming, is seldom very accurate, and usually does not change the treatment, anyway. With my MAT(E)™ modality, the treatment IS the assessment. Save time and gain accuracy!


14) DIRECT BILLING & DISCOUNTS - If you have massage insurance, I can usually bill them directly, in only a few minutes. However, if you have no insurance, I offer a 10% discount (which you must ask for!). Receipts for discounted sessions cannot be used for insurance purposes.


15) DEALING WITH COVID, ETC. - Infections that may be transmitted through the air are not a concern. The treatment room uses a UV light between sessions, and the premises have 2 medical grade HyperHEPA Full Premises Air Purifiers that catch particles 100x smaller than a virus. (AHS has NO air purification requirements or standards!) No mask required.


Please don't think I'm trying to steal anyone else's business. In fact, if you are getting results and what you need from your current therapists, stay with them! It can be difficult to find the right match, so if those relationships work for you, stay with them! (There are some excellent Commodity Massage Therapists around.) However, if you don't yet have a therapist, aren't getting what you want or need, or maybe want to get even more, I invite you to consider getting treatments from me.

What My Patients are Saying:

I see your passion and drive and am very impressed with your skills. My hips and low back feel fantastic after your treatment! [...] I absolutely admire you as a person and practitioner. [...] you have amazing treatment methods

Dr. Roshni Mehrabi (Doctor of Chiropractic), 2019 April 27, via Email

I’m Back! Born in Cold Lake, 3rd generation Cold Lake Military,

traveled the world to learn and develop useful skills,

and now returned for the Benefit of My Hometown Community!

MAT(E)™ is a SAFE, GENTLE, & EFFECTIVE Complement or Alternative to Chiro, Physio, and Other Manual Therapies.

Using the same basic techniques taught in massage schools everywhere, I developed a new modality called “Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy (Extended)”™. It builds on the principles of Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy – I am the ONLY Master Myoskeletal Therapist (MMT) in Alberta - Canada’s first, actually. My treatments are characterized by Slow, Intentional, Gentle, and Pain-Free techniques. Where traditional massage is mostly push, my MAT(E)™ treatments are a more balanced combination of Compression, Range of Motion, Mobility, and Passive Movement, and More.

Rather than treat your muscles directly, I help you to influence your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), which operates without your direct control. Various injuries and dysfunctions will cause pain and compensations that slow healing. My treatments influence your ANS to ease up on your body tissues so that they may realign, function properly, and heal faster. I find that a holistic approach (Whole Person, not Woo Woo) tends to work better than completely focused treatment – I suspect that the body stays in better sync that way. I only do Evidence Based Treatments, and Nothing Invasive. I also have an Extensive Network of experts and researchers that I can call upon, if your needs require it.

What is MAT(E)™ good for? Interestingly, just about everything! If they make their treatments and homework a priority, my Patients get excellent outcomes. I have successfully taken on several challenges, as well. My passion is to help people to heal themselves.

Clinical doesn't mean Stuffy!

Even Advanced Clinical treatments are relaxing in this laid back location. The Treatment Room has a picture window view of Cold Lake!

Get your life back, on your terms...

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